We Foster Healthy Connections

As a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, Sage Valley operates as an event space, an education center, and an ecovillage. Sage Valley represents many things to many people, but at its core, it is the foundation of a community of people who believe that better ways of living are right before us, and are dedicated to sharing these through action.


Sage Valley is home to a small intentional community of residents who strive for minimal and sustainable impact on the environment. These residents live in the village, help operate the non-profit, manage the gardens, and are stewards of the land.

Farm & Garden

We host a number of donation based community events, festivals, workshops, and camp-outs. This includes our semi-annual spring and fall gatherings, monthly full moon circles, holistic healing events, and various workshops.

Nature School

We believe repeated exploration in nature throughout childhood and into adulthood has long term positive impact on cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Our nature school welcomes all ages of children to experience the vast array of lessons that the land has to offer with guided curriculum.

Our Mission

Fostering healthy connections with ourselves, each other, and the planet, through education and example.

Meet The Team

Our dedicated and inspired board of directors make this all possible. Imagine what else we can do together.

Jose Alvaro
Kinsey Clark
Shawn Weyerbacher
Shawn Weyerbacher
Ali Schaffer

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