What Makes an eco-village?

The personal and collective healing experienced when living in a symbiotic relationship with nature, each other, and ourselves is right before us. The Sage Valley eco-village is an intentional community project that serves to lead by example and also to support the work of the non-profit. Started in 2016, the building of this intentional community is ongoing, and we are committed to using sustainable practices and holding space for a family focused environment. We are currently seeking residents and visitors who share this dream of living close to the land, within a web of support, to join us in the creation of a community we can grow with.


Our Values

The values of the Sage Valley Ecovillage are the ideals shared by residents which guide policy design, decision making, and create a foundation for group cohesion.

I. We acknowledge that our actions have consequences, which impact our own lives, the lives of the people around us, and the world we share.

II. We acknowledge that it is more constructive to focus on what we have in common, rather than what separates us.

III. We acknowledge that we share the planet earth which provides resources for all life that resides on it. Because earth is the home that we share, everything it provides should be shared between us. To be able to sustain our lives, we must also sustain the life support systems of Earth.

IV. We acknowledge that children are our future and that it is essential that every child has their needs met while they are developing, so they are able to express their highest potential.

V. We are dedicated to learning and growth, which require failure and success, and so in the pursuit of expressing our highest potential we will be resilient, forgive ourselves and those around us for our mistakes, and do our best to coexist.

VI. We accept that in order to be a powerful collective which is capable of effecting positive change we must each take responsibility for our personal needs, while recognizing our interdependence, and supporting the needs of those around us.

VII. We believe that all people have the right to be seen and heard, and that we have freedom to choose what is right for us. In this, we empower ourselves and others to live in full authenticity.

VIII. We will strive to make the world better for all life by taking loving, peaceful, constructive, action towards solutions, each for their own reasons and because this is what is optimal for all life.


Eco-Village Resident Types


  • Visitors are welcome! We are excited to announce that our ecovillage will be opening to visitors for the summer 2022 season. We have updated our visitor process and application form, and continue to refine our ecovillage policies. Here are some ways that you can visit our community.
  • You can come as an Intentional Camper! This year we will be open to campers from June - September. Intentional Campers are invited to learn about our community through an immersive community experience. These are stays for a maximum of two weeks at a time. During the stay, campers will be expected to take a land tour, participate in gardening and/or building projects, join in land stewardship, and enjoy community meals. Or whatever else is going on in the community.
  • You can be a Seasonal Volunteer! Seasonal volunteer positions for work-trade are available each year on an as-needed basis. This year we are looking for a gardener, summer camp leaders, groundskeeper, and builder to maintain projects and develop new ones! All positions are needed June-October, except summer camp which is needed for July only.
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Seasonal Volunteer

Seasonal volunteer positions for work-trade are available each year on an as-needed basis. They may be positions for assisting our youth nature school, gardeners, groundskeepers, or builders. Duration of the position will vary depending on needs. Seasonal volunteers may qualify to stay in community owned dwellings, as availability allows.


Our Ambassador program serves to bridge the rooted community and traveler community that we serve. An Ambassador is an honorary resident who is nomadic and/or lives elsewhere. They are committed to spreading the mission of Sage Valley, networking and representing the ecovillage, and tapping back in to support the community as available.
More about the program to come!

Long Term Resident

A long term resident is someone who lives at Sage Valley, has applied to become a resident, has completed the first year trial period, and has been voted into the community. They may have a permanent or mobile dwelling and have voting rights within the ecovillage.


Community Standards

Sage Valley is a place for families, and where children are raised. All residents are expected to take part in this vital process by setting a good example for all young ones, treating them with kindness, and giving attention when needed.

It’s simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it. Recycle bins are available in community areas, please be sure to use them! We strive to live as sustainably and minimally as possible, we want to reduce our footprint.

Only biodegradable and earth friendly soaps, cleaners, and chemicals should be used at Sage Valley. Let us all be kind to the delicate ecosystems around us. Be responsible in harvesting natural resources, take only what you need, and try not to leave any area scarred. The main sacred fire should be honored, cared for, and enjoyed with respect. Entry into this space should be mindful. Offerings to the fire are encouraged and permitted items include tobacco or other organic materials. Please do not cook at this fire or burn trash in it- there is a fire in the dining area that can accommodate these needs.

Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of and never left on the ground. Smoking should be done away from others and outside of any sacred spaces or family spaces. Ceremonial tobacco use is respectfully permitted within sacred spaces.

Sage Valley and other community members are not responsible for the care and well-being of pets. Pets are allowed, but please be responsible. Take care of your pets, keep them safe, and don’t bring aggressive animals. There are farm animals on the property, DO NOT allow pets to disturb the other animals who call Sage Valley home.

Daily AM check-ins are held for all Eco-Village visitors and residents. We ask that all available people attend these check-ins. Everyone is encouraged to participate in community meals and activities. Behaving in illegal, offensive, or disorderly activities are cause for removal from the community.

Be responsible for your actions. Bring good vibes and be kind. Utilize non-violent communication techniques to express needs and feelings.

Alcohol consumption is limited to only brews made on the property with ingredients sourced from the land here. We strive for clarity of mind and body and therefore illegal drugs are not permitted in the community.