Gathering of the Tribe: Spring 2019

It’s time to gather and create once again, tribe! We are excited to be hosting the spring Indiana Gathering of the Tribe right here at Sage Valley! This gathering is organized for the Medicine Tribe and beyond.

This gathering is hosted at Sage Valley which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in the Wabash River valley of southern Indiana. All proceeds will go into creating the event and growing the projects at Sage Valley. Donations of time, resources, or monetary energy beyond the suggested donation are deeply appreciated ♥

Suggested donation to camp for this entire event is on a sliding scale starting at a suggested $33 per adult, plus a suggested item to donate to Dharma Greens Vegan Kitchen (which provides free meals during the entire event). Day passes are available with a give-what-you-can donation. Children 15 years old and under require no admission donation. Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian. We do accept alternatives to monetary donations and our list of accepted items can be found here:

There will be co-creative workshops, drum circles, group meditation, live music, vending, sacred ritual and ceremony, community building projects, and much more!

We hope to see you there!

Event schedule:
Friday May 17:
9:00 Morning Yoga led by Sarah Boardway-Bowley
10:00 Herb planting work party led by Sara Love
11:11 Tribe meeting
12:00 Group Meditation lead by Lane Hardy
1:11 Sage Valley Presentation led by Sage Valley Board of Directors
3:00 Nonviolent Communication hosted by Lane Hardy
5:00 Grief and Gratitude for the Earth hosted by Aaron Pollitt
6:00 Vegan Living hosted by Izzy Beckman

Saturday May 18:
9:00 Morning Yoga led by Sarah Boardway-Bowley
10:00 Herb planting work party led by Sara Love
11:11 Tribe meeting
12:00 Group Meditation led by Breanna Candler
1:00 Solar PV Systems focus on off Grid Living hosted by Erik Meyerhoffer
2:22 Feminine Circle led by Ali Michelle
Masculine Circle lead by Ryan Camp
3:30 Tribe Picture
4:00 Renewable Energy hosted by Terry Kok
6:00 Natural Building hosted by Terry Kok
8:00 Crazy Horse Collective Discussion hosted by Derrick Kills The Enemy
10:10 Full Moon Ceremony led by Sarah Boardway-Bowley

Sunday May 19:
9:00 Morning Yoga led by Sarah Boardway-Bowley
10:00 Herb planting work party led by Sara Love
11:11 Tribe meeting
12:00 Group Meditation led by Keenan Monnett
1:00 Fermentation 101 hosted by Julian Shomette and Brandon Sturgeon
2:22 Kid’s Talent Show

Music Schedule:
Thursday May 16
12:00 GOAT
1:00 Goose
2:00 Moon Marie and Friends
4:00 Braxton
5:00 Sonny Roe
7:00 Hue Mann
9:00 Unity Rising

Friday May 17
12:00 Dustin Becker
2:00 Devin Bender and Friends
4:00 Megan Pennington
6:00 Amanda Jingles
8:00 Zack Benge
10:00 The Simulation Around Me
12:00 Shaggy Holiday

Saturday May 18
6:00 Cory SSim
7:00 Josh Robinson
8:00 Marcus Demery

Sunday May 19
12:00 Medicine Tribe Open Mic
2:22 Kids Talent Show
4:00 Open Mic



The Medicine Tribe is a collective of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of love and healing, who care for planet Earth, who wish to be the change, and who were brought together by the love of conscious music! Everyone is welcome!


The gate will officially open at 11 am on Thursday, May 16th, 2019. Early entry will ONLY be allowed for registered and approved volunteers (see info below about volunteer opportunities). The gate will be closed at 9 pm each night to ensure safety. No entry into the event will be allowed after 9 pm. DRIVE SLOW when approaching the gate, the road is curvy at the gate entry and on a hill! No one will be allowed to enter without an admission donation and this can be done in advance or at the gate. Be sure to bring proof of your online donation if contributed in advance.


The Gathering of the Tribe will be held at Sage Valley a non-profit and a family home property. Admission and kitchen donation are required for entry to ensure we are all contributing to the collective.100% of the donations will go back into creating the most magical Gathering we can now and in the future, as well as furthering charitable projects for Sage Valley. Hosting a gathering of this magnitude takes resources and funding. Our goal is to provide as much as we can and do it in a sustainable way. Donations can be made online and at the gate. If you find the suggested minimum donation unaffordable, there will be VOLUNTEER opportunities so that you may give back through service rather than monetary giving. We also encourage creative alternative donations for admission. A list of acceptable donation items can be found here: IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone entering the event grounds will need a donation or volunteer position. Regardless of weather, changes to your schedule, personal choices, sickness, family emergencies or any other reason, all ONLINE DONATIONS ARE FINAL, 100% NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-RETURNABLE. By donating you understand & agree to all the information provided on the donation/ticket website. Tickets are however transferable & you are encouraged to gift your ticket if circumstances arise where you cannot make the event. See the sections about Volunteer Opportunities and Donation on the FAQs for more information.


This event requires a MINIMUM sliding scale admission donation of $33 per person. While that entry fee will help make this event happen, any additional donations are joyously WELCOMED! We want to make this gathering as beautiful and healing as possible, but we need your help! Even if you cannot attend the event, you may still donate through the ticket website. If you find yourself in a position of abundance and feel called to share with the Tribe, we will put those funds to good use! In addition, if you wish to sponsor a particular project with materials or monetary contributions so you can directly see the results of your generosity, we will be forever grateful! Here are some projects needing funding: building more/better footbridges for trails, building onto the medicine wheel sacred fire, canopies or booth for gate entry, better solar lighting for gate entry, providing eco-friendly craft materials for kid village, feeding the masses with clean vegan whole foods, building a permanent workshop space, building a family table, building solar showers, roofing the kitchen. If you wish to donate, you may do so on the ticket website by selecting the donate option or by donating at the gate. This event is powered by YOU!


*If you wish to volunteer this year for admission and this is your first time, you must be able to arrive Wednesday for a brief volunteer orientation* Volunteer opportunities are always available for anyone who cannot afford the suggested minimum admission donation or who feel called to serve the Tribe. Registration can be done here:


This is a PRIMATIVE camping event with NO HOOKUPS or electric available. Sage Valley intends to remain off grid. There will be several camping areas designed to meet everyone’s needs and to create an intimate environment. There will be limited car camping available in some pasture areas for people who need or prefer that. There will be a family camping section next to the kid village. There will also be forest camping, but that will require gear to be hiked in. RVs and Buses will be allowed in the car camping sections. Please be aware that this is farm pasture terrain.


Come one and come all vending! We encourage vending of your DIY and homemade crafts, art, services, foods, and more! There is no fee but it is a first come, first serve vending space so if you want to reserve your spot please register here:


This is primarily a self-regulated event where Tribe members are expected to speak out and stand up for what is right. Don’t be a jerk, bring good vibes, and always remember that LOVE is the answer. However, appointed Peace Keepers will be available throughout the event to ensure everyone’s safety. In this Tribe, we take care of each other and strive to create a SAFE SPACE for all! Please be sure to respect each other and listen.


We will do everything we can to make this event accessible. There will be parking within walking distance from the main event area. However, the grounds are not designed for handicap accessibility. If you have any special needs to be considered, please reach out to the event organizers so that we may try our best to accommodate you. NOTE: The event grounds are typical of Indiana farm terrain. Trails & foot paths are often curvy, rough, grassy & hard to maneuver for some. Therefore we do not consider this land to be accessible for all.


This is a LEAVE-NO-TRACE event! It’s simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it. Pack it in and pack it out. This property is an actual family farm where people live, treat it the way you would want others to treat your own home. If you see others not honoring the LEAVE-NO-TRACE motto take some time to explain to them why it’s important & nicely ask them to pick up after themselves. Recycle bins will be available, please be sure to use them! We ask that all trash brought onto the land is also carried off of the land. Trash removal costs us money, uses resources, energy, and time. Attendees found disrupting the natural beauty of the event farm will be removed from the grounds without refund, we are serious here folks! LOVE MAMMA EARTH!


Only biodegradable and earth friendly soaps, cleaners, and chemicals should be used at Sage Valley. Let us all be kind to the delicate eco-systems around us. Harmful chemicals can leach into the water systems surrounding us and create a ripple effect with a big impact.


Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of and never left on the ground. Smoking should be done away from others and outside of any sacred spaces or family spaces. Ceremonial tobacco use is respectfully permitted within sacred spaces.


The main sacred fire should be honored, cared for, and enjoyed with respect. Entry into this space should be mindful. Offerings to the fire are encouraged and permitted items include tobacco or other organic materials. Please do not cook at this fire or burn trash in it- there is a fire in the dining area that can accommodate these needs.


Sage Valley is not responsible for the care and well-being of pets. Pets will be allowed, but please be responsible. Take care of your pets, keep them safe, and don’t bring aggressive dogs. There are farm animals on the property, DO NOT allow pets to disturb the animals who call Sage Valley home. Pets must be up to date on veterinary care, leashed, and cared for at all times.


This gathering and Sage Valley is a very family and kid friendly event. There will be a family camping section and Kid Village will have many activities for children. Children age 15 and younger require no admission donation! Please be aware that we encourage freedom of expression at this event, so take precaution for your own family and knowing what you are ok with your children being exposed to.






• GLASS – don’t bring it unless you can be responsible

• NO FIREWORKS or explosives of any kind

• NO UNDERAGE alcohol consumption

• NO DRIVING around event grounds

• CAMPFIRES will only be allowed at camp sites that already have a fire pit. We encourage you to commune around our community fires.

• NO DUMPING OR LITTERING- take your trash with you!

• LEAVE-NO-TRACE & RECYCLE, pack it in and pack it out



• RAIN or SHINE Event

• ONLINE DONATIONS/TICKETS ARE FINAL, non-refundable & non-returnable

• RESPECT the beauty of the land, please use recycling bins & consider your neighbors

• LISTEN TO & Respect all Attendees, Peace Keepers & Volunteers, your safety is our #1 concern



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